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niiika69's Journal


wtf was I thinking when I created this account, niiiika69, are you kidding me?!

Hi, my name is Danika. I am seventeen
and I'm really no different from anybody else.

Music: The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Herman Hermits, Queen, The Smiths, Donovan, Mumford and Sons, Angus and Julia Stone.
Movies: Harold and Maude, Yellow Submarine, Cry Baby, Hairspray (the original)
Television: Dexter, Skins, Full House, Sex and the City, H.R Puffin Stuff.

I mainly post about my day, thoughts and feelings on certain things, occasional documented days, three things tuesdays and random writers blocks.
My posts will probably bore you to death but If not, add me and I'll add you back :)

When I'm not on Live Journal, Find me here:
Facebook, Tumblr, Last.fm